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Community Shop news

Shop and post office up and running

open Monday - Saturday 8-12 for post office and gorcery needs

Update 19th July

Well it all happens tomorrow, so, yesterday was the BIG CLEAN, inside and out

Thanks to Mike Mike and Rosemary, Julian and Cindy, the Berry Family and Chris, we cleaned, tidied and polished, not the mention emptying the gutters and the drains, yup a good afternoons work,, now almost ready for tomorrow


Update 17th July

Sue has been hard at work, getting stock in and pricing, it is looking good for the big day on Monday.....oh look we even have our own nuts !!


Update 12th July

Some stock is arriving and the fridge and freezer have arrived, only 8 days till opening, and a lot of work still to do


Update 11th July

Life has moved on a pace, and the shop is funrished and all but finsihed

There is still lots of things to do  but opening will be byt Bishop Tim at 2pm on 20th July


Update 13th June

Another afternoon of work on the shop. Thanks to Mike, Mike, Julian, Fiona, Matt and Chris. The electrical cable is in, the filling has been completed in the i...nside of the shop, the door frame is in (special thanks to Matt Stone for that), the exterior mouldings are up and the small tables for the coffee area have been rubbed down and the first coat of paint added to the and the scaffolding dismantled. Lots of things now falling into place.


Update 10th June

Last evening the scaffolding monkeys and the sanding fairies appear to do some work, result the inside of the shop is nearly ready for painting and the electrician is getting ready to supply power to the shop for the fridge, freezer and till.  


Shop opens in 40 days yes


Update 6th June

Shop offically opens in 44 days

So the electrician called this morning, before the plaster boarders arrived in the afternoon, then all we will need is the cleaning fairies and today's work will be done.

So this afternoon we have managed to: plasterboard the inside of the shop; plaster up the gaps; get the mouldings onto the outside end of the shop. Also the cleaning angels arrived, they must be angels as they were eating angel cake - and the place is looking good for tomorrows service. Thanks to Mike, Mike, Julian and Chris

Update 30th May

Shop offically opens in 51 days

Today was a day of bits and pieces. Lots of pieces of wood to stain and some plasterboard to cut.  thanks to Mike, Mike, Julian 'two pencils',  Chris and Valda.   Thanks also to Sam and Tony who did a tip run as well.

We are getting there. 



update 29th May

Shop offically opens in 52 days

July 20th 2pm

Thanks to Graham from RGB Building Suppliers and to Abi we now have the plasterboard for the shop. Hopefully tomorrow we will be putting it up. Oh and yes I did carry some of it - honest smiley

28th May

The count down to opening has begun. cool

Shop offically opens in 53 days

July 20th 2pm




Well in my absence things have been moving on well, see when the cat is away all is well
The 'box' has been stained and so have the mouldings that need to be added

With the assiastance of some very helpful  small people the area has been cleared and tidied ready for the internal works to begin.  Thanks to Mike, Mike, Julian, Chris, and The Berry Family. 




Saturday May 2nd

Work continued in the addtion of the rest of the moldings to the panelling.  There was lots of measuring, cutting, and pinning into place,  Thanks to Mike, Mike, Julian, Chris, and Barbara.  In the pictures you will see a couple of mouldings are a differnt colour, these pieces have been test stained just to see what the finished colour will be.  Hopefully next week the whole of the outside will get stained.

Please not there will not be an update from a couple of weeks, on this site, as the editor is off on holiday smiley, but hopefully there will be some facebook updates yes




Saturday 25th April

After the AGM, (see details below), the merry band of buliders continued construction. 

This time it was more aesthetics than substance.  The mouldings that were requested by Cornwall Council Planning Department, were measured, placed, re-measured, placed and finally cut to fit.

There was lots of dust from the electric planner as well, but in the end the effect was approved by all.

Thanks to Mike ‘the pencil’, Mike 'the money', Julian ’the toolman’, Chris ‘time for tea' and last but certainly not least Cindy.

Oh and there was even time for a bit of careful window cleaning.

AGM for the Community shop was held, and arounf 25 people came to hear how the project was moving forward and what and to see how the shop is progressing

As usual there was food, and the weather stayed fine for the BBQ, for more details to see report below


AGM report

Report by Anne Brown on behalf of South Petherwin Shop Committee

The committee have been meeting regularly and admit much red tape and delays have been making progress as you can see.

Personally, I would like to thank the committee for all their support but especially Cindy who has been on board with this project since the very beginning.

Last February we were successful in winning funding for the project from the Diocese and since then we have been working to deliver the project

We formally set up the South Petherwin Community Shop 2014 Limited and finally managed to get it registered with the FCA it as a Community Benefit Society on 28th October 2014.

With the news that the Post Office was to close we agreed to apply to host the post office, after rather I lot of red tape Mike and I attended an interview in February for us to host it.  We were successful but have only yesterday received the contract, which now needs to be checked before we can sign it, but we are further forward.

We have appointed a Manager, Sue Wood Smith who lives in North Hill and is now working on the finer points of the setup and a date for opening has been set, 20 July, well that is what wehope.

The Shop and Post Office but all this will only happen if we have the continued support of you the community.

There is opportunity for you to volunteer in the shop or to buy shares

Sue will take your names if you wish to volunteer and Mike will take your details if you would like to buy shares.  They will be £10, of which £5 will be money off voucher for the shop and the rest will be used to support the set-up of the shop.  They are redeemable after 3 years for the face value.

The committee will be about after the formal meeting and will be more than willing to answer any questions you may think of later, although I am willing to answer any now before we go on with the rest of the agenda.

Saturday 18th April

Another afternoon of building fun, electic planer, nail gun and chop saw all in use today.  The cladding has been put on the frames, and the hymn numbers seam to have provided just the right spacing for the cladding. 

Thanks to Rik, Cindy, Julian, Mike, Barbara and Chris.  smiley

Things are moving on nicely.   There will be something to look at next Saturday at the AGM and BBQ, why not come along, AGM at 11, followed by the BBQ and you can meet our shop Manager as well.



Friday 17th April

The cladding has been delivered, thanks to Martin from RGB Buliding Supplies for helping me put it in church.   So tomorrow afternoon should see the frame being clad.  Why not pop along, anytime from 2-4pm.yes

Saturday 11th April

So another Saturday afternoon of work, this time it was, strainghting the frame and fitting the noggins, lots of work measuring, sawing and fixing.
Thanks to Cindy, Mike, Julian, and Chris,. 
Next week hopefully we will start cladding the outside, that is if the boarding arrives yes




Saturday 4th April

And so finally the work begins, will continue next Saturday. 2pm. Thanks to Mike, Mike, Julian, Chris, Cindy, Cindy's mum and Barbara. Well done, things are finally taking shape